The naviBelt in Orientation and Mobility Training

Provide Noticeably Better Orientation and Security

As a rehabilitation teacher for orientation and mobility, the naviBelt offers you many new options in training people with visual impairments: it helps to significantly improve orientation, mobility and safety for blind people. Problem areas such as open spaces, unnoticed changes of direction and crossing wide streets become noticeably safer with the naviBelt.
We make sure that your training participants can already try out the naviBelt in basic orientation and mobility lessons and thus make fast and effective learning progress. Simply use our well-founded learning material, which we have developed in cooperation with rehabilitation teachers and institutions for the blind in Germany. It includes, for example, a special app and a training plan for teaching visually impaired people.


Indications for Using a naviBelt

Not every visually impaired person has the same orientation skills. Above all, the feelSpace naviBelt brings a significant improvement in orientation for people who can no longer determine their position in space through their eyesight. This is first noticeable on large squares because there are no nearby landmarks for orientation.
In general, it is assumed that a visual acuity value of less than 0.05 or a visual field restriction of less than 10 degrees means that orientation in road traffic can no longer be maintained with visual acuity alone. In this case at the latest, the use of a naviBelt is recommended.
For follow-up training in orientation and mobility, typical indications for using a naviBelt are:

    • Difficulty finding your way around in open spaces such as market squares, schoolyards or parking lots
    • Improper alignment when crossing roads
    • Unnoticed turns that result in loss of orientation
    • Safety-relevant orientation errors that lead to increased accident risks in road traffic

Get to Know the naviBelt

After being certified with feelSpace, rehabilitation teachers can borrow a belt for up to 3 weeks of training time for orientation and mobility classes free of charge. In this way, you offer your clients the opportunity to learn the basics of using the naviBelt during your training. A competitive advantage for you - and real added value for the people taking part!

Do you want to significantly improve the orientation and safety of your clients with the naviBelt? feelSpace takes care of the application, instruction and maintenance of the naviBelt.

Future events for rehabilitation teachers and educators

Di: 30.01.2024: Didatik Seminar zum feelSpace naviGürtel:

9:00-17:30 Uhr: CVJM Esslingen, Kiesstraße 3-5, 73728 Esslingen

Everything with one click

Are you interested in further training to learn more about using the feelSpace naviBelt? Then we would like to invite you to one of our seminars on didactics with the feelSpace naviBelt.

Are you already familiar with the belt? Then you are welcome to borrow a belt for your lessons directly via the rental form.

Perhaps one of your colleagues is already familiar with the feelSpace naviBelt? You can find a list of all certified rehabilitation teachers and yoga instructors here.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us using our contact form.