We want to make the orientation and mobility of blind and visually impaired people as safe and intuitive as possible. Good orientation with the feelSpace naviBelt in traffic is one thing, but other great products can also improve the experience. So we decided to include other products in our range that promote our goal. That's why we also offer the mobile reading device OrCam and the obstacle detection device InnoMake Clip.

OrCam - The Mobile Reading Device

The OrCam MyEye 2 is a small, mobile camera for people who are blind or have low vision. It can read printed texts and recognize products and even faces, among other things.
All this is available with artificial intelligence and at any time. An internet connection is therefore not necessary, the OrCam works completely offline.

This innovative visual aid is equally suitable for children, adults and seniors. The device consists of a wireless mini-computer with an integrated camera. This camera fits almost any pair of glasses on the market and can read all printed texts - from books to menus, signs and digital content. The user only has to point to a text and the OrCam reads the corresponding text via an integrated mini loudspeaker or via Bluetooth headphones. Visit the OrCam website for more information.

If you are blind, health insurance will cover the cost of the OrCam. In order to apply for cost coverage, you need a corresponding prescription from your doctor with the aid number, which you send to us together with a signed privacy declaration. We will then take care of the rest for you.
A more detailed description of the application process, the data protection declaration and an information letter for you and the doctor with a sample prescription can be found in our application package.

If you want to try out the OrCam for free at home, download the rental agreement and send it to us by email to .

InnoMake Clip - Easy Obstacle Detection

The InnoMake Clip is an obstacle detection device that makes obstacles tangible by means of vibrations. It offers intelligent obstacle detection in the upper body range between 0.5 and 4 meters and provides haptic or, if desired, acoustic feedback when an obstacle is detected. The clip can be flexibly attached to various items of clothing or objects, such as the long cane, walker, backpack and more. So you have more safety and protection in walking direction and when moving in crowds. It warns of approaching or informs of persons moving away and warns of spontaneous obstacles. It also helps to find open passages, doors or gaps between parked cars, windows, cars and walls without having to touch them with the long cane.

The water and dust resistant clip has a long lasting lithium polymer battery that lasts up to 8 hours at full capacity or up to 5 days of normal use. It can also be used in snow and rain.

This assistive device is also covered by health insurance for blindness. Simply download the application package here and mail us the prescription along with the privacy policy.