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The feelSpace naviBelt opens up new paths for blind and visually impaired people. Completely independently. Obviously.

Guiding - the naviBelt®

Find your own way independently: The vibrating naviBelt from feelSpace gives blind and visually impaired people a new sense of space by making paths and directions perceptible with vibrations around the stomach. 16 equally distributed vibration units cover 360°. Simply put on the naviBelt, feel where north is or enter a destination with your smartphone and start feeling your directions immediately. The handling is completely barrier-free and was specially developed for blind and visually impaired people to make it easier for you to find your way around.
Developed as a research project, the naviBelt quickly showed what help it can be in everyday life, especially for the blind and visually impaired. It has been further refined into the high quality navigation solution it is today. The naviBelt improves orientation, lowers the required attention and relieves the ears.
The naviBelt is optimally supplemented by a white cane and the OrCam. You can also find the small reading camera in our offer .

User Experience

Even if we are convinced that the naviBelt speaks for itself, we like to let others speak for it. After all, who better to judge what the naviBelt can do than those who use it.


“The naviBelt gave me back a bit of freedom. In the beginning it felt a bit unfamiliar. But it quickly becomes a routine and, especially together with the white cane, it gives me a great deal of security. The impulses that the vibration elements send out can be felt well and are pleasant. In addition, there are no spatial gaps due to the number (16 pieces). They cover 360°. I feel very well guided. Of course, that allows me to be much more mobile than before."

Udo Holtmann
naviBelt user

Independence and Security

"Outdoors, there are almost no dangerous situations for me anymore. I feel safe with the naviBelt. My orientation has clearly improved, and I developed a sense of direction. The belt and app are really easy and barrier-free to use, without outside help. Feeling the impulses is incidental and I can devote my attention to other things. The naviBelt is simply a giant step towards independence."

Steven Brentrop
Congenitally blind naviBelt user


“And suddenly the world gets bigger again!
Everyone who got blind later on in life knows the terrible feeling of complete disorientation - "Where exactly am I standing right now?"
On my first test walk with the feelSpace naviBelt, I spun in circles on a road with growing enthusiasm because I always knew exactly where my house was. That awakened my adventurous spirit - I dared to reconquer previously known destinations all by myself, and later to explore new paths and places.
The operation of the belt and the app are barrier-free and easy to use. The street crossing setting is very helpful. It helps me to avoid running into intersections again, I feel the direction in my stomach and can concentrate on my other senses better.
I enjoy the feeling of freedom and independence when, before leaving the house, I can happily call out: "Bye - see you tonight!"

Meike Zerbach
Late blind naviBelt user

This is how the naviBelt helps in everyday life

The naviBelt makes it easy for you: it is ready for use in just a few simple steps and is therefore also ideal for spontaneous excursions. You can control the naviBelt with your smartphone. Select the feelSpace app and enter your desired goal. Connect the smartphone to your naviBelt via Bluetooth, put the smartphone back in your pocket - and off you go. The naviBelt indicates the direction via vibrations on your stomach. If the belt vibrates in front, go straight ahead. If the signal wanders, simply follow it in the indicated direction. Without using the app, the naviBelt works as a tactile compass and lets you feel where north is. What does this help with?

With the naviBelt, you can judge curves and changes of direction better and avoid unintentional turns. You can cross streets and places in a straight line. After avoiding an obstacle, you can immediately align yourself back along the road and continue straight ahead.

Features of the naviBelt
Icon shows a circle with a compass arrow pointing up

360° coverage

The environment is completely covered: The naviBelt enables an all-round coverage of the room thanks to 16 vibration units that are evenly distributed throughout the belt.

Icon shows a feather


Wonderfully light and carefree: you will hardly notice the weight of the naviBelt.


Icon shows a four-piece puzzle with the last piece being added.


Compatible in the future: We are working on connecting the feelSpace naviBelt to other apps such as BlindSquare.


Icon shows a t-shirt

Wearing Comfort

Comfortable to wear: Elastic, breathable materials ensure a high level of wearing comfort.

Icon shows a crossed out ear

Simple and barrier-free use

The easiest task even without prior technical knowledge: The naviBelt and the app are very intuitive to use.

Icon shows a full battery

Battery Life

Sufficient energy for long trips: The battery life is at least 8 hours!

News and Special Offers for the naviBelt

We repeatedly present the naviBelt at events or online seminars. These are the next opportunities to experience the naviBelt live and the latest articles in the media. Find out more at our Information Desk.

Secure Freedom of Movement Now!

As a recognized support for the blind and visually impaired, the costs for the feelSpace naviBelt are already covered by health insurance companies. All you need is a prescription from the doctor, which you send to us together with a signed privacy declaration. We take care of the rest for you.

Our sales team - always available

Behind the naviBelt is a team that puts its heart and head into it. The naviBelt is our common purpose and a matter dear to our heart. The sales team is always there for you!
Susan Wache

Susan Wache - Management/ CMO

"As a co-founder and managing director for marketing and sales, I inspire potential customers and interested parties with my conviction for our naviBelt. I am the contact person for all questions regarding our products and our company."

Markus Böttner, customer service, with short, reddish-brown hair, a high forehead and a reddish-brown beard, stands in a white T-shirt in front of a gray wall and looks friendly into the camera.

Markus Böttner- Customer Service

"I am the "blindstructor" and also incorporate my own everyday experiences with our products into my product instructions and answers to customer questions. My aim is for you to soon enjoy using our products as much as I do."

dr Julia Wache

Dr. Julia Wache - Head of Marketing

“At feelSpace I take care of public relations, advertising and press work. In addition, I ensure that all processes such as sales and applications run smoothly in the back office."


Do you have more questions? Or do you need our help applying for the naviBelt?
You can reach us on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. via our service telephone. There we have stored important information for you as telephone announcements. You can be put through to us at any time or call a colleague directly.

Service phone: +49 541 939356 90
Susan Wache: +49 176 56950617
Markus Böttner: +49 159 04895886

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